Integrated Project Sheets (PDF): $800

Canright makes it easy to produce a key printed marketing piece for architects - short glossy presentations of each project. We call them project sheets.

We design a formatted template for your project sheets that uses the same information entered for the website through the WebTools Manager. When your website is generated, the project sheets are automatically generated as ready to print PDF documents.

You may download them and print them directly, send them to your commercial printer for bulk copies, or link to them from your website.

Add a link from each project on your website to a professionally formatted PDF printable project sheet. Project Sheet templates are custom-designed and are usually compatible with the look and feel of your firm's website.

Our graphic designers will lay out your project sheets and design them to be printable on standard 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper, so your clients can view and print out project details from your website.

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