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Architectural Firm Package - $12,800

A premium custom website with extensible features suitable for most firms:

  • Unlimited number of project portfolios.
  • Unlimited number of project pages.
  • Unlimited number of informational pages.
  • Unlimited number of partner/biography pages.
  • Unlimited number of lists (awards, news, clients, ...).
  • Unlimited menu levels / navigational complexity.
  • Home, about, contact, and career pages.
  • Slideshows on any page.
  • Thumbnail project navigation.
  • Custom flash home page.
  • We produce your first 12 project pages.
  • We produce your first 8 informational pages.
  • We produce your first 8 partner/biography pages.

Architectural Partnership Package - $5,800

An extensible web presence for the small architectural firm with:

  • Up to 4 project portfolios.
  • Up to 18 project pages.
  • Up to 6 additional informational pages.
  • Up to 4 partner/biography pages.
  • 1 managed list page (awards, news, clients, ...).
  • Two levels of navigational depth (main & sub menus).
  • Home, about, and contact pages.
  • Slideshows on any page.
  • We produce your first 6 project pages.
  • We produce your first 3 informational pages.
  • We produce your first 2 partner/biography pages.

Solo Architect Package - $2,800

A beautiful and functional website for the small firm that needs a quality web presence:

  • One project portfolio.
  • Up to 8 project pages.
  • One additional informational page.
  • One biography page.
  • A clean and simple menu.
  • Home, about, and contact pages.
  • Slideshows on all project pages.
  • Instead of 8 project pages, show up to 8 portfolio oriented pages (commercial, residential, interiors, ...) with a captioned slide for each project.
  • Or, show some portfolio pages with project slides and some featured project pages each having multiple slides.

Cornerstone Architect Package - $1,400

A quality foundation presence for the small, budget-conscious firm:

  • Three custom designed web pages.
  • Each page may feature a slide-show.
  • All content, images and slide-shows are easily maintained.
  • Slide-shows may contain an unlimited number of slides.
  • Include a home, about and contact page.
  • Or, include a services, philosophy page.
  • Or, include a projects page with a captioned slide for your projects.
  • Add up to 4 additional pages for $200/page.
  • The cornerstone includes website hosting and the website manager for $18/month ($216/year) (required for the first year).

WebTools Manager - $48/mo

WebTools is our proprietary tool for building architect's websites. It integrates our web based content management system, website generator and powerful flash components to support:

  • Project portfolios
  • Project pages with slide-shows
  • Partner and people pages
  • Lists: awards, press releases, job openings...
  • About, service and other information pages
  • 'Contact Us' page with integrated contact form
  • Search engine visibility
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Flash project slide-show components
  • Flash portfolio components
  • Quality HTML with CSS
  • XML-configured Flash components

Website Hosting - $18/mo

We will host your website on Canright's servers with internet backbone connectivity. Your website will live in the same mission-critical envorinment as our staging servers and website production system.

WebTools supports one button publication of your website from your staging to your live server.

Our website hosting plan for architects includes:

  • Registration and Name Server (DNS) setup.
  • Google Sitemap submission.
  • Configuration and access to Google Webmaster tools.
  • Google Analytics - professional visit tracking.
  • Email service via Google (

Project (PDF) Sheets - $1800

Canright makes it easy to produce a key printed marketing piece for architects - short glossy presentations of each project. We call them project sheets.

We design a formatted template for your project sheets that uses the same information entered for the website through the WebTools Manager. When your website is generated, the project sheets are automatically generated as ready to print PDF documents.

You may download them and print them directly, send them to your commercial printer for bulk copies, or link to them from your website.

Brochure Generator - $2,800

Allow your visitors to select their favorite projects and generate a PDF brochure (to view or print) containing those projects. It also generates useful brochures with pre-defined lists of projects for your use. The brochure generator supports these brochure types:

  • FULL - All of your projects.
  • BEST - The projects you select as the best.
  • FULL PORTFOLIO - All projects in each portfolio.
  • BEST PORTFOLIO - The projects you select as the best in each portfolio.
  • CUSTOM - The projects selected by your online visitor.

The Online Custom Brochure Generator offers your firm a flexible system to generate your key marketing pieces (both online and traditional) from a centralized project description database.

Project Extranet - $2,000 + $1,800/yr

A secure framework to share project related inforamtion with clients, contractors, and project team members. Project Administrators are in charge of managing the project portal for members.

Project administrators may:

  • Manage users and authorize their project access.
  • Upload items (drawings, documents, spreadsheets, images, ...).
  • Organize items by category, phase, and discipline.
  • Annotate items with titles, descriptions and notes.
  • Activate items for visibility in the member portal.
  • Activate, organize, & annotate uploaded items.
  • Receive notifications of member uploads and activity.
  • Easiliy send email messages to all project members.
  • Remove items from active status.

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