About Canright

Canright designs and develops superior web sites and database software applications for business. For over twenty-five years, we have found success by delivering useful, productive and well-engineered solutions and value for our clients.

We are a small boutique firm focused on quality custom solutions. Our areas of expertise include software engineering, graphic art and website design, content writing and editing, and internet marketing, as well as project management, production techniques, and administrative support.

Canright has an exclusive focus on architects. Our architectural and design firm clients find that we "ask the right questions" and drill right in to save you time and stress and deliver exactly the website you seek.

We build websites for architects in North America from our office in Portland Oregon. If you are an architect anywhere in the US or Canada, we would like to help you acheive a world class web presence.

We are a creative firm and are involved, both as a firm and as individuals in a number of related endeavors. Canright owns and operates these websites:

Canright - web design + software development